'Off With Your Clothes'

In the Kingdom of the Queen of Hearts... but that's nonsense, perhaps it should be Queendom! The King is dead! Long live the Queen! Yes, perhaps a most unfortunate state of affairs.

If you remember the horrific croquet game down the rabbit-hole somewhere, sometime ago, heads were rolling left and right! The King and Queen of Hearts were having a bloody good time, but I fear it got a little out-of-hand, as the Queen ordered "Off-with-his-head!" one too many times, and it fell to her royal self to carry out her own command, as the King would not be able to handle his beheading all on his own. And as the King of Hearts was so humouring of his Queen he passed her the blade, but had the bad luck of catching her velvet sleeve with the tip and severing a number of stitches thus producing a severe lack of humour from his Queen that precipitated the event that decapitated his head. And not only did the Queen of Hearts do damage to her sleeve, this was her very first beheading, as she always had others to do her bidding, and did not sidestep the arterial jets, leaving her gown in a rather gruesome state, if it pleases her majesty...Long Live the Queen!! But always having others to order about, there was nothing she could do about it as there also was no one about to do anything about it!

As time passed, it came to her attention somehow, of a Queen of Make Believe, who had a perilously similar name of Heartsy, but who performed a kind of fabric alchemy, a little magick of sortz with pins reputed to be voodoo, and scissors with blades serrated and sharp, and threads so strong you can play Led Zepplin's 'Hangman' with them, and that it might of some advantage to issue her a royal summons! But this summons was not to be so, as Heartsy would not quit her place in the middle of her floor for love, nor money, nor threats of beheading! Besides, what sort of attitude was this to procure the services of a magician!
And one day did appear in the open door, the heartless Queen in such a state, that Heartsy could hardly bear the sight, and called on her, pins, and called on her threads, and the shears snapped like dogs that night, and above all the noise, there came such a voice, when everything froze..."Off with your clothes!"

And so it was, with all manner of clothes, she's done so much work with rock stars and ghosts. You want Janis Joplin? She can do that! She can do Gene Simmons, except for his tongue. Perhaps it's satin, or velvet, or silk! Black leather with studs, or sequins or crystals? You need just to imagine to be what you want from your head to your toes, and be prepared for,


Story by, greyzone